July: Turning Into a better month than expected!

July is certainly one of my most favorite months of each year for a few reasons. On the 27th of the month I celebrate my Birthday, I see it as the first proper month of Summer, and I feel it is just a great month in general. This July however is turning into a better one than usual. First of all, on my birthday this year, London 2012 kicks off which is one of the most anticipated worldwide events and I CANNOT wait!! Another thing is that I’m feeling very much alive!

My dad sometimes calls me a ‘Hermit’ because I stay at home a lot on the computer and for a few years, that has taken up the majority of my life. In Real Life at the moment I am working on some really exciting projects which I am going to find useful when I start my Media Degree in September. I’m generally just having a lot of fun with it right now. Also, I feel this has come at the perfect time. Whilst working on these projects Real Life, I have really taken a step back on Second Life. Now If I was going to do this like, a year ago? I probably wouldn’t be able to because I was such an addict to the virtual world, it just wasn’t healthy. Gradually over time, I have really found myself pulling away from it more and more, finding myself sometimes not even wanting to log in. I’m not really sure why this has happened, I don’t really care to find out. I’m just glad I do not have the addiction to it that I used to have, otherwise I think I would struggle with school work amongst SL. 

Fashion Teller Calendar: JULY – Models: Anna Sapphire, Jade Spectre & Rissa Friller

The STAND4LOVE Campaign has been a really great project that I feel privileged to be a part of on a personal and professional level. It is amazing to see so many people coming out and spreading the love. I also see it as a great way to end many of my Second Life activities on a good note. I remember once before I was a drama queen and had the ”I am Leaving Moment” as quite a few people do in their SLives. I don’t think I will ever leave or cancel my account. I just think as real life progresses, I will log in less and less over time. I came to realize through deaths in the family recently and other personal things, that Real Life is just too important and right now at this stage in my life, I am ready to make my mark on it. I guess it was a wake up call.

Confidence issues and being lonely were the main reasons I ever joined Second Life. I really wanted to get over them…and in my 3 years on Edi, I have accomplished that. Second Life is a place for fun and for sometime I have felt it is more of a chore than fun. That’s not right. It should never be like that. Like I said, I will never LEAVE Second Life because it is a special place for me and I would just miss it. Real Life is just my number one focus right now and the things I am working on. I’m happy, that’s what matters 🙂 I’ve had some rough times in my teen years and for the first time in a long time, I feel my life is taking shape in a great way and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve got some wonderful friends, the most amazing family and partner who support me in every way in whatever I do.

I cannot wait to see what the rest of July and the Summer will bring. But I do believe it will be good whatever it is 🙂 HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! ❤


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