11 DJs are coming together to do a 12 hour music event/party to celebrate STAND4LOVE and to help raise more awareness to it! Myself and Rico cannot thank enough everyone behind this event and for all those who are taking part. We appreciate your support a lot! Details of the even which is kicking off today, are pasted below! And don’t forget, closing date for Stand4Love Picture submissions is JULY 15TH.



12 pm – Shariissa Palmer
1 pm – Camden Amen
2 pm – Tragedy Kidd
3 pm – Womby (noobish Resident)
4 pm – Paulo Dashrix
5 pm – Louie (Lliquiddnbdj resident)
6 pm – Evil Laa
7 pm – Neddy Elman
8 pm – Hansel Blaisdale
9 pm – Chantell Mumfuzz
10 pm – Jazzy Love
11 pm – Jazzy Love

12 pm – Zodius Brunswick
1 pm -Mkalya Tyran
2 pm – Lolly Lecleric
3 pm – Chantell Mumfuzz
4 pm – Reyna Republic
5 pm – Reyna Republic
6 pm – Mystique Blaisdale
7 pm – Jazzy Love
8 pm – Kaylor Mazie
9 pm – Danii Lyric
10 pm – Traviee
11 pm – Traviee

Designers scheduled to Place item
PNP  ღ Marit ღ (annemarit.jarvinen)  
Paramour Studios  Juliet Moonshadow
ROTTEN DEFIANCE  Rogue Falconer.
BODY SHOTS   Lana Zifer (lana.dasmijn)
EZURA     Ezura Xue
Wild Serenity    Teradawn Serenity-Breil (teradawn.serenity
Bitch Tail Tiff Renfold
SuperJail Emporium    Ⓡonnie (Veronica Dubienski)
 Dot-Be Fashion   BONIEFACIO


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