A Summer Lunch Table

So this morning when logging in, I don’t know why, but I wanted to create a summery feeling Lunch table. With the weather being very up and down here in the UK at the moment, I wanted to create what was in my head and what would be my perfect, simple but tasteful setting for a summer’s afternoon!

One think I have never really bought many of in SL is Dining Room Sets. I never really bothered with it, so I went out to hunt for a simple but good-looking dining table I could use as a base. LISP Bazar is a favourite store for me to be little knick knacks, however I know they also do nice dining tables. The picture you see below is what the table looked like in the store. Seemed good to me!

I wanted to give it a completely fresh look, so I removed the cloth that was on the table already when I bought it, and created my own. The textures I used for my cloth are from Distressed Textures. Great store if you are into texturing your own furniture, houses or any items in general really! Color was key in this, so I wanted to mix some colorful textures, and one on top that gives a nice visual impact. Makes it feel like summer I think 🙂

Aswell as making it colorful and making it feel like summer, I wanted it to be a country type setting. Something like you would find in the South of France or the English Countryside. I am happy with how it all turned out, and the whole thing only costs around $L1,000 to do! Below are the list of items you can see on the table.


LISP BAZAR Mathilde Dining Table/Chairs


DUTCHIE Red Candles

LISP BAZAR Sunflowers (Only $L10)

DUTCHIE Red Wine Bottles

MELINO STYLE Black Plate with Oranges

LAPOINTE & BASTCHILD Moroccan Plate with Lemons

WHAT NEXT Red Wine Glasses

THE TASTERY Knife, Fork & Napkin Set

SCULPTY Plate & Bowl – Plain White with Blue Rim

DUTCHIE Green Woven Rug


One addition to this that I think would be great, maybe some small decorative pillows on the chairs? A nice colorful patterned texture I think would work well with this. Looks good with or without. Will have to try it with and see 🙂 Anyway, there you go, my dressing of a table for the day. Hope you like!

x Edi



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