A Hidden Gem: Interior Design Project (July 19th 2012)

I recently had the pleasure of taking on quite a big task for a friend. The land was totally wiped out and I had to get a whole new house, terraform the landscape and decorate it! I had to admit, it was very exciting for me as it is the biggest decor project I have done so far in SL. And the decorating, I actually managed to do all in one day. I wanted to write a little about the house and the story behind it. 

The prefab used is from L2 Studio. L2 really do make some nice beach cottages and I like them really because I see it as a build you can do a lot with. A canvas I guess we could say. I didn’t change anything on the exterior of this model because I wanted it to still look beachy, however on the inside I wanted to decorate it with something unexpected. I wanted the house to be very chic, classy, artistic and stylish. I already knew what I wanted to do with this place, so the day before putting in all the furniture I bought the house ($L100, bargain!) and played around with textures for the walls and floors. I am really a big fan of patterns and colors in a room. So I wanted to implement that into this build. I played around with so many wall textures and carpet textures until I came across a combination which inspired me. 

As the house only has 3 rooms to it, i thought each room should really have a big impact. Because you could get ever so bored with a 3 room house all looking the same, that is why i wanted each room to have its own unique style, but I still wanted it to flow and tell a story. 

In the entrance, I wanted to make it a study/walkthrough area yet still make it a ROOM. Not just a space you walk through and find no interest in. The color combination of Red,Black and White I think really gives a big impact on this room. Makes it cosy also. For this house I only really used a handful of stores, because I knew which ones would be perfect for the look I was going for. In this room I have used items for UrbanizD, The Loft, Lisp, Morantique and a few others for bits and pieces. I hope as you look at the picture you will see the use of Candles in each room and also NATURE. 

The next room is the main lounge area I guess we could call it. A Space to hang out with friends and relax whilst looking out onto the amazing view! This room was meant to be artistic. Color combinations used here is Black, White and PURPLE. I think it works amazing together, especially in this space! I bought a load of wall tattoos for UrbanizD, played around with them until I got what I liked to go on the wallpaper texture I chose for this room. As you can see again, the link to Nature is all over this room. The Birds on the wall, the picture, the CANDLES in the Bird Cages and also the nature pictures on the wall from The Loft. I’m really happy with house this room turned out!

Finally we have the bedroom, which is probably my favorite room in the house. I think a bedroom should always be cosy, even in Second Life. It’s a nice place to just go and relax in any world. The theme behind this room is a Moroccan style. Lots of patterned rugs. I got a Sculpty rug pack and textured them myself with a few combinations I liked, and I placed one on the wall behind the bed, because I just had to 🙂 On the wall also, I found some great Moroccan paintings to fit the theme, and I just love how all the textures and colors in this room seem to flow. It is also a sex bed, that is a MUST for the person I did this for haha! 

So there we have it, the landscape is pretty much done, just needs a few tweaks. When that is complete ill try and get some shots of it 🙂 Hope you like this hidden gem. I also made a little video late last night as a walkthrough ❤


One thought on “A Hidden Gem: Interior Design Project (July 19th 2012)

  1. I’m so blown away!!!! YOU are the hidden gem…I feel like I’m in my own paradise, each little detail is just amazing. I’m tp’n people left and right like “COME SEEEEE”…tysm you really did an awesome job. I keep finding new things everytime I walk through it (which I’ve done about 10 times already lol). You really have a talent for this. I can’t wait to see more!!!

    If anyone wants a fresh new environment or is just burned out with decorating, contact Edi! You will not be dissapointed. This is so much more than I ever expected and I’m so happy with it. It’s not just breathtaking detail, it’s me and each room has its own feel. I love it!

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