The BIG Impact: A Warm and Cosy Entry Room

I love paintings, BIG, MASSIVE paintings on the wall. I always used to go to Art Galleries and wished I could live in them, because I loved how the artwork on the walls, the frames, the sculptures just gave a HUGE Impact on each space. This is something I have always loved and one thing I have brought into homes that I decorate whether it be for myself, or for someone else. 

I posted the other day about a new prefab myself and Rico bought to add onto our house, and replace the one that was there before. This is a kind of part 2 to that. Upon arriving in the house from the front, the room was quite a large size and I think every entry way into a home should feel inviting. The first room you see as you walk into a house should really give a good example of what the rest of the place is like. We wanted something that really gave the big impact and this is the result.

The NotSoBad sofa is a personal favorite of mine. It has been with me for a long time and I have placed it down in nearly every house. I just love it. So to fill up this large space, I just HAD to place it down, and the rest was done via the color scheme of the sofa. The colors make the room feel warm, inviting and just a nice place to hang out. Little bits and pieces on the coffee table are from various places across the grid, and I think it is the perfect stage for litlte knick knacks and cool finds! After all, it is the tiny little things that make a house a home.  


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