Strip’d With A Total Makeover

This was my second proper commerical decorating job inworld and this one was for my SL son and his clothing store, Strip’d Fashion. Sachy asked me if I could totally re do his mainstore and of course I said yes. The previous build which housed his creations was quite huge, with a lot of open space with nothing really in it. We did think about just re doing that build but eventually we just decided to shop around for an entirely new prefab and do it up. I’m actually happy we did that as I feel if it is a new start, should be a fresh building too. Makes everything feel brand new. 

The skybox prefab is really well made and is from FANATIK. It is entirely mesh so is really good on prims which Is important for a store as alot of the prims are used in the clothing displays usually. I had a few ideas about what color schemes I wanted to use in this place and the best thing about it was Sachy gave me creative freedom, which is great. Usually the way I do things is teleport across the grid to some of my favorite furniture stores and find one item, and then I build the rest around that. Whether it be color scheme, design, shape etc etc. I wanted to keep the place simple, quite low prim but stylish and welcoming. I came across these really nice Yellow chairs from Art Dummy. As soon as I got these chairs and placed them down I knew exactly how the rest should look. The color combinations used were Yellow and Blue mainly, which was actually the first color concept I presented Sachy when he first asked me to do the job. In the clothing areas, there was an empty wall space and I suggested to Sachy he should fill the 6 frames (3 in each room) with black and white, artistic photos of his creations. I went back today and saw he had put them all up and they look great!!

I’m really happy with how the store turned out, and although it is clean and simple, it is stylish and welcoming. Which to me means the goal was achieved. You don’t see many stores in Second Life with nice decorations. A lot are actually just a mess of rack after rack of clothing displays. I find it is nice to add something different in there. Makes the space feel more relaxing and vibrant 🙂 

Hope you will take some time to head over to STRIP’D Fashion when you get chance! Check out the clothes too, really great Mesh items for sale 🙂


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