Fleur De Lis – The Coolest looking Studio on the Grid!

A few days ago I was contacted by VeronicaLynn Parx, who asked If I would be able to whip a few pillows around her photo studio to bring some life to the place. I had a good bugdget for this project as It was only a small space. I was thinking of ideas a few days before doing this and came up with some great ones, however when I started it went in a completely different direction. But I am so glad it did and I’m super thrilled with how it turned out!

The place is bright, colorful, vibrant and seriously in my eyes, is the coolest photography studio on the grid! Would be a great place to just come and hang out while waiting for your pictures to be taken, or a space for VeronicaLynn to entertain some friends maybe? Over all, I used about 550 prim in total, maybe a little less. My SL Son Sachy has become a kind of assistant over the last few projects, and I asked him if he could make some custom wall tattoos to place on the walls which you will see in the pictures. He made an AWESOME logo on one wall and a great text quote on another. Thankfully, she was  so happy with the results and the one of the best things, we still had some good money left from the budget which she said she is going but a nice pair of shoes with 😀

Fleur De Lis is a brand new studio set up by VeronicaLynn as she is looking to branch out into photography. Hopefully this small space shall inspire her to continue and to grow to the best she can be! Was a pleasure doing this and I cannot WAIT to go back and get my photo done hehe 😛


2 thoughts on “Fleur De Lis – The Coolest looking Studio on the Grid!

  1. The pics are absolutely gorgeous and in-world it looks just as great. So glad I am your assistant even though I give you a hard time about it. lol ♥ ya Pops!

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