A Vibrant Color Pallete In the Bedroom

Over the last couple of days I have been a bit under the weather, which is highly depressing. I woke up this morning thought and felt quite a lot better which is great, so decided to pass time while eating breakfast and style a simple bedroom using a vibrant color pallete.

For the bedroom I was thinking of Rico, because his favorite color pallete is Earth Tones. Browns, Oranges, Yellows, Reds and so on. I couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy anything just for this, so I just used whatever I could find in my inventory and put it together, which I find is a fun thing to do sometimes. The first thing I pulled out was the great bed from The Loft. The color of the bed is as shown here, which is perfect as I can now focus the rest of the pieces around the bed.

The tables either side of the bed are from What Next, the plants on top are from the greatest plant store on the grid, Arctic Greenhouse. The industrial Lamp hanging above the bed can be found at UrbanizD, with the two sconces on the wall from The Loft. The coffee table is also from The Loft, and the two chairs are from LISP.

It’s clean, it’s simple and it’s random items I pulled from my inventory. Some are old, some are new but I just haven’t used. Hope you like and I hope it also inspires you to go routing through your inventory collection to see what goodies you have and have forgotten about. Sometimes it makes you feel a lot happier rather than spending a ton of linden ❤


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