Adding A Few Accessories

As I will be away for one week after Wednesday, I wanted to get a few things blogged just before, as I won’t have anything new up until I return. As I was thinking about what to post first, I thought about something with accessories. One thing myself and Rico love to do, is scour the grid for great stores finding interesting pieces to add into our home. I’ve said it before, it’s the little things in a house that make it a home, in any life. 

We have recently added a few little things in our home since I last posted pictures here, and thought it would be cool to share them not only for you to discover some new stores or see something you liked, but also to give you inspiration for your own place. 


As a Brit, I love my tea, therefore in the house somewhere SHOULD be a nice tea set or tea drinking area. Even if it is just for decoration, I think it’s a nice thing to have in a home. Instead of having a traditional coffee table or counter top, I found this great chest at DUTCHIE, which I placed at the back of the sofa and used as a ”Tea” table. On top of the chest is a great, low prim, and not expensive Tea Set from PRIDE CREATIONS I came across on the Marketplace. The great chairs are from POST. Love them because they are different, and in our living room we have something going on with Circles, so these were perfect!


In the corner of the Living Room we have a great little reading area. Accessorizing around the Lounger from URBANIZD makes it look so much more homely. The Mini Garden Zen is from URBANIZD and the great clock is from ART DUMMY. The Stacked books on the floor add a nice touch and they are from TARTESSOS ARTS as is the Wine Set on the DUTCHIE Coffee table in the back left corner. The Beige Wood table is from DUTCHIE also with a great DIGS lamp on top. Finally some nice flowers from DUTCHIE sit on top of the books, adding a nice touch. Personally, this is one of my favorite areas because It feels cosy.


In the Entertainment Room, the color scheme is very Red, Black & White. At MELINO STYLE, you can find some great little accessories to add into your home. From Lamps to Mirrors, to great Chairs to awesome patterned pillows. These Green Moroccan Lanterns I think add an interesting touch to this room, and they go really well with the Green Plants found in the room. I think it works really well, and they are very well made too, which is always important!


At the very front of the house we had a quite large space we didn’t know what to do with. Rico and I came up with some Ideas and we knew MELINO STYLE did these great and edgy 4 seater sofas. We headed over to the Store and got two of them in Orange and Silver to add some great color to the front of the house. The Table is also from MELINO STYLE with some decoration flowers from TATTY SOUP sitting nicely on top. I probably would have left this space blank for a lot longer, so I have Rico to thank for us doing this space, because It looks so much better with this detail!


So there we have it, some nice little details I wanted to share. Hope you find some great tips, stores to check out or just enjoyed reading and looking at how we used the items. As myself and Rico are spending the week together in Real Life at the end of this week, we thought it would be nice to decorate a little space together before we go and post it up. Hope you look out for it! 


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