QUEEN OF HEARTS – Done With My Hubby <3

As Rico is travelling from Chicago to London to meet me for the very first time in…less than 6 hours as I write this, we thought it would be great to collaborate on a furniture decoration set together and blog it before we are gone for the entire week. The QUEEN OF HEARTS Room uses Black & White with a slight addition of Red. This room also got its name from our Second Life Wedding, which happened a year on August 27th and was an Alice In Wonderland spectacular! Each piece of furniture is credited and I hope you enjoy what we created. I did want to add a few more accessories too it, but our land had very little prim left from our own house hehe. (PRIM HOARDER ALERT!). This entire set however was done with just under 100 prim! 

The first piece we got in this room was something I have wanted us to buy for a long time, and it is the AMAZING Mesh Sofa from MESHWORX. The quality on this item is incredible and I remember the first time I saw it at the SL Home & Garden Expo a few months ago that WE NEED IT! It does have a bit of a downside, it’s 2k, but if you are willing to spend that on this amazing piece then go for it! We used the Sofa in Red for this display. Rico found a great black and white texture on the internet, so he uploaded it in world and we used it as the wall texture. The Black and White ZIGZAG rug was created by me and I feel it adds something very modern into this classic and chic space.  

The Coffee Table we used is one of my Favs in SL and it is from THE LOFT. I love the edginess of it and the curves. Looks really amazing, so it was perfect for this room. It works well with the interesting shapes on the wallpaper and the zig zag rug. On top of the table we got some little accessories which are also found at THE LOFT. We did get quite a few things from there! Just so much choice at the store, as I’m sure you will agree. The red side table in the far corner is from MELINO STYLE, with a chic black lamp from THE LOFT sitting on top. 

The Classic, almost Gothic Mirror leaning against the wall in the corner is from THE LOFT, as is the amazing Addison Sofa and the Black Ottoman with decorative books. The Roses on top of the books are from LISP, and I think add a nice detail.

Finally, the very Sexy and Chic Chandelier is from ABISS and works perfect in this setting. So as you can see, it is quite THE LOFT affair, with a few little additions added in. THE LOFT is a favorite store for Rico and Myself as well as many others, when walking around the store, I find it is so hard to not get all the little things because there is just so much choice! 

We hope you like this room and what we did with it. We kept it clean yet modern and chic. If anyone would like anymore details, or a copy of the custom rug created for this, let me know 🙂 Thank you and I’ll see you in about…a week! 


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