When SL Met RL 2012

I’m sitting here, back at home thinking there is a whole bunch of stuff I could write here about how amazing this past week has been. But also, how heartbreaking it was when it came to an end. It has been such an amazing roller coaster journey and I just wanted to get home, write something and share how I felt during this special time. 

The very first picture we had together ❤

Rico, I’ve been best friends with him for over 2 years now. I love him with all of my heart and so much more. He makes me smile every single day, he makes me cry, he makes me happy, he makes me angry…and I cherish every single moment whether it is ups or downs. The first thing I do in the mornings when I wake up is speak with him on Skype, and every single night we sleep together with our Skype left on. To some, that might be weird, but to us, It’s love. We hate being apart so much, but we still spend nearly 24 hours a day with each other. I love that about our relationship. Anyone that knows us both properly, will know our love for each other is as real as you can get. 

We bought each other matching rings which we shall wear for a long time to come! Next stop, the wedding ❤

Rico came to spend a week with me in London and went home today. I’m devastated. Just typing this is really making me upset. I’ve tried not to cry all day and I’ve managed pretty well so far. The moment we first met was in the lobby of the hotel. He arrived just before me, so I stood behind him and I will never forget the look on his face when he turned around and saw me. Our very first hug was on those very steps you see in the picture below. A moment to remember FOREVER. I think it is something neat to talk about or share to family and friends in the years to come. Although each day was filled with amazing moments, great times together just doing what couples do, I was not ready for the departure this morning. 

A Landmark Location for our relationship

When we met on the first day, It felt so completely natural. Like we had been together always in real life, and I think that was due to us Skyping so much and constantly being in each others company. It was just perfect. I really thought we would handle the Goodbye well this morning, but it was really horrible. I tried to put on a brave face for my hubby, but as he drove past me on his way to the Airport and looked back and waved out of the window, I nearly burst into tears on the street. I walked around for a good 35 mins trying not to cry in front of people, until I went into Starbucks, got a coffee and sat down. I wasn’t prepared for that, and I know Rico was sad too. I cannot remember a time I was that sad, and I mean it. But I think that is the most natural reaction to this too. 

Hubby took this one of me when I took him to Chinatown. He is very private so I respect not to post any pics of him, but I like this one he took ❤

From Lunch at Gordon Ramsay to Tea at Claridges, from slow strolls in the Park, to Rico whining at me for not going on a scary spinning thing by the London Eye. Everything was Perfect ❤

Would I do this all again? Most certainly! In fact, we are already making plans for the VERY near future, and it looks positively bright. This week has been a moment to remember forever, and I really suggest to anyone that is a couple in Second Life and planning to meet in Real Life, DO IT, and have a blast!! Cherish each moment and see what happens! I know Me and Rico are solid now and will be for a very long time to come in both lives, I just really can’t wait to take the next step.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone on Facebook for all of your nice messages and support to us both during the past week. We have been posting a few updates and each one has had a tremendous feedback! Thank you, it really means a lot to us that people care about our happiness. ❤


15 thoughts on “When SL Met RL 2012

  1. This is great Edi. I have been doing this for 3 years and although its the hardest thing in the world to say good bye each time, when we are together again we just pick straight up and its as if we have just had a little holiday apart. Keep it fresh, keep the trust and it will work out wonderfully 🙂

  2. Awww, this so wonderful Edi and Rico!! I love it so much. I’ve also met my SL girl in real life and it is amazing to be able to carry something so special from SL into RL and have it feel just the same! The two of you are an inspirational couple!

  3. With all the reading I do in rl and second life sometimes something touches your heart so deep. This was one of those times…Congrats to you both and I love love love it….thanks for the share.

  4. What a beautifully written post. I congratulate you both on your SL and now going in to RL relationship. It isn’t easy to physically be without the one you love, especially when you both have strong feelings of love and commitment.

    Your story reminds me very much of the story of my SL/now RL partner and myself, and how it is to now look back on how we met, and sharing our own story with those who convince themselves that all SL relationships come to an end.
    Real love, true love doesn’t end- it transcends.

  5. I remember reading this when you first published it and I have to say rereading it as I was browsing through I am as equally moved now as I was when I first read it. Still going strong and still beating the odds, I am magnificently pleased to have met you both in my SL and even more-so to have witnessed, if even only via facebook and blog posts, your journey together.

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