New England Charm In The Pergola

Everytime I have read one of my Home or Decorating Magazines, the ‘New England’ style of decor and homes tend to use a lot of whites and blues. I really love this style and thought it was perfect for an outdoor pergola! 

Me and Rico got this great MESH Pergola at ABISS. It comes with 3 color settings, personally we like the white better as it not only fits with the exterior of our home, but also looks amazing with the baked shadows and theme we wanted to decorate. We didn’t want to over crowd this feature because we have another pergola too, however we wanted it in a different style and to feel open and fresh. 

We shopped at a few of our favorite stores for this project. The plain white sofa is MESH and from THE LOFT. I love this sofa, because I love adding my own pillows to a piece of furniture as I feel it adds a more unique and personal touch. The light blue chairs are also from THE LOFT and I think are fab! The textures I used on all the pillows are from SHABBY CHIC, which is a great store if you are into texturing your own things! The store is set up really nice too, just like a store you would find in real life. The center console is from LISP, and is originally a very small stool which we enlarged to make into a coffee table. The table in between the two chairs is one of my favs ever and from ARIA, sitting on top of this are some nice roses in a glass vase from LISP.

At a home, I love to have little seating areas scattered around inside the house and outside. If you do each with a different style, I think it is really great. This is my own personal taste though, some may not like that 🙂 

All the things you see in this post are not very primmy at all, with the Pergola only around 17 prims but SUPER Quality! Hope you like it and would come for tea sometime! This area is PERFECT for it 😀


2 thoughts on “New England Charm In The Pergola

  1. thank you for the beautiful pictures. I have been looking for a little table like the one above for a long time. Ran right over to ARIA and picked up two. Can’t wait to see what you do next! Augusta Godenot

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