A Log Cabin Office? Think Again

Some of you maybe remember my post a few months ago about my Scarlet Creative Extension Project. Well, this is using the same prefab, but just totally re-done again as a big home office area. 

The prefab is very modern and the interior before was all white and black. I got bored with this and wanted to transform it into something else. This entire extension to the house is now used by the whole family as an office where we can meet, chat about projects or even just hang out. I wanted to create an environment that was different, warm, motivating and inspiring yet works in the space. This obviously means that Rico and Sachy shall be in the same room as me quite often now, I don’t know if that risky for me or them! 😛

I browsed texture after texture until I found a style I liked, which was a wooden cabin type. I love the feel of the wood on the floor along with brown/cream/orange tones across the rest of the room. I feel it’s really sexy and feels like it should be located in snowy Aspen or high in the Austrian Alps! In a house, I love to create a different space for each room having each with it’s own unique and individual feel. I think it brings excitement to the place. 

This is the finished product of the home office and this is defo a style I would have in real life. I do believe that if an office is done right in Second Life, it really can be a motivational space to be in and help you in the work you do. 

Hope you like the end result!

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