Inspired By Horst!

Recently, I added a new book to my growing collection and it actually was a gift from my hubby. A few weeks ago, a friend who is an RL Interior Designer recommended this book, so I took a look and was a bit blown away by the price. I was going to save up a little and get it, but my hubby surprised me and ordered it for me! LOVE HIM! And the book is just incredible!

Basically, it takes a look at the work of Photographer Horst P Horst as he gets access to some of the most wonderful homes and interiors of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The pictures in the book are incredible and the interiors are so WOW. Some are a bit ”too much” however it really gives you an insight into the style of the day and how it gradually changed over time. Some of the interiors in the book are actually styles I love. For example, in those days, Louis XV French Furniture are used heavily and that is something I love. I have always loved the Statement rooms in palaces and glorious homes of the Rich and Powerful. Even today. 

One thing I discovered by reading this book, which I am not even finished with yet, is the use of patterns. LARGE patterns everywhere. On the walls, the fabrics on the furniture, the carpets, It’s just everywhere. I couldn’t really imagine anyone creating their interior like some of those ones in the book nowadays, however back then it all pulled together somehow and just looks great. 

I haven’t blogged in a little while because I have been busy in RL and I’m focusing my SL time on some big projects I’m doing at the moment. However today I was inspired to go up to my skybox studio, play with some textures and whatever furniture I had in my inventory and create something that I believe could fit in the book. I got my inspiration from the patterns, fabrics and the style furniture. A mix and Match of different styles, but all pulling together into my own Horst Inspiration display! I think it would make a rather fitting study or small lounge back in the day! 🙂

In the design I am mainly using items from UrbanizD, The Loft, Patron and Tatty Soup

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