A Chic & Stylish Autumn Cabin

I have my hubby to thank for this one. I have been taking a little break over the last 5 days or so from Second Life and when I came back, I felt so uninspired to the point it was frustrating me. I was trying to come up with some designs to do because I hadn’t blogged for a while…but it just wasn’t happening at all. 

Well, later during the day Rico tp’d me to one of his favorite stores for cottages which has also become a favorite for me too. L2 Studio do some great prefabs and I remember first hearing of them via Neva Crystall, who is one of my FAV bloggers on the grid and an all round great person! I think this one is a new release, it is called the West Lake House and we both said it is just perfect for our sim and personalities. Best thing about it too? Amazing quality and only 350L!! This was definitely a blank canvas for me to unleash something creative and stylish for our new home. 

As with everything I do, I like to keep each area of the house a slightly different style and vibe. Mainly because I get bored easy and I find it very boring if an entire house is samey. Personally, the living room area in this house is one of my best ever I think. So happy with the whole thing all round really, and hope you like it and get some ideas for your Fall Home, or just in general! 🙂

*Meanwhile Rico is hard at work adding his wildlife outside still hehe*

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4 thoughts on “A Chic & Stylish Autumn Cabin

    • Aww I will be doing some more 🙂 I’ve taken a little break over the last week or so, but will get back to them soon. If you ever want to come and take a picture or whatever in the cottage or any of the design sets i do, feel free to IM me inworld and will give you LM to it 🙂 I’m not making it public at the moment due to the recent griefer issues, don’t really want to risk it. But if you want, let me know and will be happy to send 😀

      • I’m sorry about the griefer issues; I was unaware of that. I wouldn’t want to risk it either.

        I’ve taken several photos in a few of the sets and have posted them to my blog although I’m not a model. Thanks for the offer.

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