Chambre De L’Océan

I was feeling inspired this morning by the Ocean. With these little displays I do and feature here on my blog, It is not really a full room design as such, it is more to give ideas and get inspiration from. I do however do it in the layout of a room to make it a bit clearer of the space etc. I had to incorporate everything about the ocean into this one just to get it off my mind. 

I found this great and PERFECT image online to use as a wall paper which I think immediately tells the story of what this display is all about. With an oceanic color scheme of Blues and Golds of the beach, I am loving this inspiration! If only SL had smell I would so have that great ocean scent blowing through. 

I added a little fun touch with a row boat hanging on the wall. I think it looks very interesting and just adds that something different..and again, tells the story. A rowboat moving along the wavy wallpaper. With a flock of seagulls flying next to it. 

Most key items in this display are from LISP & TATTY SOUP. I have also added in some accessories from POST, PATRON and URBANIZD.

Hope you like! ❤

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