If I had a Restaurant….

I’d make sure not only the food was excellent, the facilities would be just as good! 

I’d love to design a Restaurant or bistro one day in real life because I love them! I do tend to see a lot of restaurants all looking a bit samey and boring, but there is always the odd few that look amazing inside. 

Today I was feeling inspired so created something quick, fast and to what I’d love a restaurant to look like if I ever got my hands on it. Something different, quirky, stylish and wow! A great place to sit with friends and just enjoy the night.

Most of the items in this display are from Tatty Soup. The Chairs are from MudHoney, I have just re-textured the pillows. The candles are from POST and the mirror is also from MudHoney! Lanters on the ceiling are from StudioSkye. Using some of my fav stores in one space is something I love to do!

Hope you like what I came up with! Also, sorry for being so quiet lately, just not feeling for SL lately ❤

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