Creating a Family Space in the Barn

As a family, we love to watch movies and spend as much time together as possible. Creating a nice family hangout area is something we always do at home and today we came across this great barn at DUTCHIE which was perfect for us to use!

Our aim for the barn was not to use it to store our animals, but to create a family living space where we can socialize and also watch movies together. We wanted it calm, neutral and comfortable. It’s located in a great place on the land, just a short trek along the pathway from the house and right by the waterfront.

We watched our first movie in it last night and I have a feeling we shall be spending a lot more time in here in the future! Love it!

A lot of the main items used in here are from URBANIZ’D and I’m not sure if they are available anymore after Pitsch closed his store. We also used plants from ARTILLERI and some Knick Knacks from WHAT NEXT, MUDHONEY, DUTCHIE and POST.

I wanted to take a picture with a nightime setting also to give you a feel of the light. I think lighting in a home is something not many people think of and when you set to mightnight, it’s just black. To me, that is boring, so having good lighting in a room that you can turn on and off is important. It just makes it feel and look so much better I find.

Hope you like! ❤

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