Sprucing Up Redgrave Hall

I was recently asked to spruce up the interiors of The Redgrave Hall by Dean Ashby ready for its grand opening in a few weeks. I was super excited to do this. It’s amazing how certain builds in SL can be so inspiring, this was certainly one of them! Although I didn’t have tons of rooms to do, I did have to decorate the only 3 rooms in the building..spaces everyone shall see when they enter. The main entrance, and the two side entrances. I really enjoyed this and cannot wait for people to see it in person!

I stuck with the color scheme of the interior walls and floor for the decor in each of the rooms, but giving each a different vibe while remaining it cosy and intimate. In the main entrance, for me, it was all about the chairs…and it took me a long long time searching the grid for something I felt was perfect. I came across these chairs from Cheek Pea and fell in love. I knew they were right for the room and would give it that extra kick of style. I love them!

Hope you like it ❤

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