Random Finds

One thing I love to do when bored or in a creative mood, is to spend time traveling across the grid going to stores I have never been to before. Discovering new places and new items. I was in the mood to do just that today and I’m so glad I did!

Both myself and my partner love buying knick knacks, he particularly likes collecting Dolls and displaying them around the house. I began my search by searching ‘Antique’ and I came across a store called Antique Artistry. I will say that I did find a lot of the main items of furniture a little dated compared to what we have on the grid now with Mesh and all, however I was intrigued by a lot of the small pieces.

I found these great lamps sitting on top of a fireplace and in between was a Horse with Wings statue. The items were not expensive, so we bought them and placed them on a side table we have in the entrance of our home. They look great there, so we added in the middle a stylish display of Granite Balls from The Loft, which fit perfect with the color scheme of that particular area. The textures all work really well together.

The horse statue is quite large, so we decided to place that on the floor near the piano as a nice little detail to the space. Really happy with what we found today and I hope to find more in the future, and more importantly, Hope you do to!!


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