More Random Finds

Continuing on from yesterdays post and avoiding the mainstream stores to come across little treasures and personally discovering new places!

Today, Me and Rico came across this great side table. I loved the shape of it and the textures. We got this from Alchemy, which is a store I have been to once before…some great things there! However most of it is to a certain taste. At the same store we also came across some great Incense burners which are placed on the table.

The next stop was MB CreationZ. I haven’t been here for a long while and I’m actually not sure the owner has either, as Easter Decorations are still out on display at the front of the store hehe. He has a great collection of Vases with great textures, so we had to get one and place it on top just to give it a slight burst of color. I added a Spear Palm from Hearts to give it some greenery and make it more pretty. I think it looks great placed by the desk, just tucked away as a little detail, which is what it’s all about, the details.

Hope you like it and I hope these posts encourage you to have fun when decorating. Do random searches, go inside stores you never normally would because you never know what you may find! Same as in the real world!


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