Anyone Can Create Something Unique

Styling a home and styling an outfit are quite similar. You mix and match. Take something from one place and add it to another, mix things up to create different displays. However during my time in Second Life, I have found a lot of people are a bit discouraged when it comes to home.

Here is a question for you. When you go out shopping across the grid for furniture and items for your home, are you in a mindset where if you came across an empty display bowl for example, would you buy it, place it and leave it empty, or decorate it with other accessories? If you ARE one of those people, then this post is for you!

For an example, I’m using a display I did this morning quickly with a great Geo Deco bowl that was kindly gifted to me by ERIK KAYO. I rezzed it out and loved the different shapes! So perfect for my taste because I love things with a twist and looks a little different than the usual. Of course, the dish is empty but that is PERFECT because now it is a blank canvas for me to work with. Last night when I was thinking about this blog post, I had coral in my head or some sort of coral display. So that is exactly what I did!

Now, if you don’t have many coral items in your inventory like me, you can always find them on the marketplace and create your own collection. Even make your own if you wanted! I however, didn’t do that. I remembered I had a great Aquarium from PATRON which I’m not currently using, mainly because it won’t go in this house that we have, so instead of going out and spending Linden, I just took some items from there. I think that is a great tip for anyone who doesn’t want to keep going out and spend spend spend. Just go through your inventory and see how many creative ways you can re-use things in your inventory. You might be surprised with the outcome 🙂

We have an old TV in our living room, as the TV doesn’t actually work it was the best place for me to put this display. It’s in vision and a great little detail to the room. This is how it turned out! Didn’t go too overwhelming with it, but added a few features from the Aquarium, some Candles from MudHoney and voila!

Hope this helps you get creative and inspires you to do something similar!!


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