Nearly Died of Dining Madness Today!!

Me and Rico came across a store today in the LOVE TO DECORATE Flickr Group and it was quite unexpected to say the least. We were not looking to buy any furnitures or home decor items today, but that soon changed when a small store called Petite Maison called us! Indyra Seigo, same owner as Indyra Orignals, the Fashion store. We fell in love right away!

Although just about to open, there are some fantastic little items placed already in the store and set for sale at great prices! We got our wallets out…or rather, Rico got his wallet out and we splashed out on some of our Favs! I have been wanting to spruce up our dining room area for a little while so this was the perfect opportunity to do so!

This great dining table and bench set comes in I think 3 different colors. Black, Green and the White washed wood version that we bought. Also from the store in this display are the AMAZING candles and Tea Set. I love Candles and Tea Sets in both lives, they are just awesome and these are some of the best I’ve seen during my time in SL so far.

The table is finished of nicely with some cakes and some extra color is added with a great, but primmy flower display from Arctic Greenhouse…but worth it 😀

Hope you like it and check out the store if you have time! Especially if you love finding little treasures! ❤

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