Barn Conversion: Part Two

About a month or so ago, we bought a barn from DUTCHIE with the intention to make the whole build a family/relaxation/hangout space away from the main house. I get bored very easily with rooms and spaces if I spend too much time in them, therefore creating more spaces on your land or making each room a different style, I find not only makes it less boring, but way more interesting!

It is quite limiting really what we can do in Second Life due to many reasons, If you really put your mind to it however and are not put off by a bit of interior decorating then you can really turn a build or item into something unexpected!

The focus of this post is on the back end of the barn…the stables. Our animals roam around the land freely so we don’t need these empty spaces. Me and Rico we searching the grid and came across the great Beds from Trompe L’oeil and luckily for us, BOTH of them fit perfectly into the two stable spaces. Was a gamble really, but we didn’t have to edit much at all to get them to fit. I think maybe I edited the top of the white bed so it wasn’t so long, but as far as the building structure, nothing was touched!

With a few textures added on the walls, a nice rug and a few accessories from MUDHONEY, THE LOFT, CHEEKY PEA, POST and some others, all keeping in with the color scheme and feel, it really turned into one of our favorite spaces to hang out and relax. Experimenting really pays off 😀




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