Ok…Still On The Barn!

But I promise this is the last one…for now. After finishing off and posting yesterdays design using the stables, we decided to play around with the main family gathering area of the barn again. We first did the barn around 2 months ago so It was due for a change.

A whole lot hasn’t changed really, just replaced a few furniture items and moved some things around to create more space and a different feel to the area. I swear, this entire barn could be rented as a house, but Rico would never let me do such a thing!

I added some great fabric to the walls in this room to give it some extra life. I was so bored of looking at the wood panels all over, I think this really does the trick. Added into this space are the two chairs from LISP BAZAAR, Two great hanging chairs from PILOT which go perfectly in a setting like this. Between the two chairs is a stool which I decided to use as a table. It is from ZIGANA which is also where the long cabinet with the Vase Display is from too. The Vases are all from MESHWORX. I grabbed 4 that I really loved to bring some color into the place and filled one with an orchid I took from another plant and another with a Spear Palm from HEARTS.

So yeah, really happy with this now! Hope you like it! ❤




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