You Know It’s Christmas When You Have 6 Prim Left!!

Christmas is a great season, full of cheer and good will among all! In Second Life, some people go all out and some stay minimal, just like in the real world I guess. It’s doesn’t only affect your wallet, but your PRIMS go doooooown! Is it worth it? YES!

This afternoon I went on a journey to the Christmas Expo 2012 with my hubby, which opened it’s gates today and shall run for 15 days. Tons of Furnitures, Clothes, Accessories and so on…we were there for the furniture and Christmas Items! The Expo is to benefit Relay For Life so it’s a great cause! Not only was it fun to explore all the different shops, but we did spend some dough for our home AND donate some money for Charity at the same time! 😀

Our first purchase was a Christmas Tree. When it comes to trees inworld, I’m very picky. They are primmy, some can be too much however this one from STONEWOOD INTERIORS was perfect for us! It wasn’t too out there, it IS primmy (54) but I think it is worth it. It’s a great tree and looks awesome in our sitting area. And the best thing about it, 100% of the proceeds for this item goes straight to Relay For Life. Awesome! ❤

We did buy a few little knick knacks from the same store which we displayed on our fireplace. The only thing that isn’t from STONEWOOD is the Green Christmas Candle, which is from INSPIRED.

Also featured in this post is the Tall Candle Wreath from ALCHEMY, END OF DAZE Christmas Cabinet, STONEWOOD Pheasant ornament and Mounted Deer head, and an Old Fashioned Christmas tree from HANAYA.

We hope you enjoy this little Christmas post and it inspires you to decorate if you haven’t started already!! Don’t worry about having no prim, it’s only for a month or so 😛


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