A Blank Canvas Home. Perfect For Creativity!

Yesterday, Me and Rico went to purchase the latest release from Scarlet Creative. The Writing home is 100% mesh and certainly seems a lot bigger than any of the previous releases from Charlotte Bartlett. We fell in love with this house and as it is pretty much all white, the creative and artistic freedom for the interiors was perfect.

We wanted to keep it quite simple but still have splashes of style in each room. I like each room in a house to have a different vibe, color scheme because I generally tend to get bored if they are all the same. It just keeps it all more exciting I find.

I haven’t taken pictures of the entire place because there are some items I’m using in an upcoming article for a Magazine which I have used in the same way. So don’t want to give that away. Hope you like what this home turned into though ❤


8 thoughts on “A Blank Canvas Home. Perfect For Creativity!

    • The dning room is from various places. The chairs are from Bazar. The table is actually the same as my desk in the office, from Apple fall. The accessories on the table are from The Loft and some other places. Shall log in tomorrow and let you know 🙂

  1. Wow!!! i love your taste and style…. I’m recognizing bits of pieces of your items (Arizona); but could you tell me where you got the house and some of your furnishing….

    • Thanks 🙂 The house is the Writing Home by Scarlet Creative. I got the furniture from too many places. A lot is from Apple Fall, Aria, Bazar, MudHoney, Melino Style. If you want, I can give you access to come to the house inworld and see? Contact me inworld if you would like to do that 🙂 Hugss

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