LOVE The Natural Lighting

I have always loved to decorate in Second Life and I’ve pretty much been changing my homes and interiors every 2 or 3 months since I joined. Drives my friends and especially Rico insane, but it’s just my personality. 


One thing I have been in love with for probably a year or so now is the lighting of a home. Whether it is Natural Sunlight when your turn your shadows on or the simple lights inside of a build. Before, I rarely used to pay attention but now I’m totally obsessed when decorating a place. I have come to realise that It is quite important and really does make a whole lot of difference to the interior that is SO worth it!

It bothers me when you walk into a room and it is amazingly decorated, yet when you turn to midnight the room is just dark. Some lights you can buy for your home do not actually give out a light which can be frustrating, so it can be tricky to find the right ones that not only give out light, but still look good in your decor.


A little trick I did once to solve this situation was to buying a simple light on the marketplace. It basically is a ball that you can click to turn on and off and it gives off a great light. Stick it inside your lamp shade or wherever the bulb is supposed to be (Can make it invisible too) and it just adds a nice effect. I cannot remember the one that I bought but I’m sure there are a few on Marketplace. If you can make your own, even better! 🙂

Personally, I think it is nice to have light inside. I do sometimes get bored of being on daylight setting, so it makes night time or any other wind light far more enjoyable.  However I do love a good sunlight when it shines through the windows at home. Really gives it that realistic touch ❤


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