A Hallway Using The Godfrey

A couple of months ago I came across Erik Kayo on Facebook and loved his work. After talking to him for a little while he generously sent over a folder of some of his creations, one of them inside this folder was the Godfrey Credenza. 


I looooove this item and have been trying to find a way to use it and now we have a brand new white house, it was the perfect time! On the left side of the house we have a hallway which leads to a side entrance/exit and I didn’t really know what to do with it. I remembered the Godfrey, rezzed it and was happy because it was a perfect fit here! 



All this space needed now was some nice lighting, some simple accessories and viola, the space is done and looks nice, welcoming and cozy! 


In this space I used two great chairs from THE LOFT which really work well with the URBANIZ’D wall tattoo which is what the space was designed around. The two sconces are from POST and not only do they give off a nice light, the fit well and add something special to this area.  I really wanted a fur rug down here and we found this great one on the marketplace from THARYN DESIGN. And finally, a brand new release from END OF DAZE, the two white Candelabras either side of the display. 

Hope you like this simple but nice space ❤


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