The Little Things

I have always agreed that the little things really make a house, a home. Today I was surprised when Nico Griffith, owner of one of my Fav stores to get furnitures, Tartessos Arts, messaged me and said he liked my work! 


He sent me a few little new release gifts which I loooooove! One thing I love about his store is that aswell as selling main furniture items, it is also a great place for the little accessories to add to a home.  I often go there and get lamps, telephones, chairs, plants and so on. 

The Items from Tartessos in this post are the following:

Easel, Stool and Artist Table Set & The Coat hanger, Luggage and Umbrella!

This post is a double thank you really. A couple of days ago Rico posted on Facebook to ask if someone could make a wall text for him and bring it inworld. Quite a few people sent one over but the first was Kip Ashbourne. We placed the text in the hallway and it looks great, so thank you Kip and to everyone else who sent one too <33 

Hope you will go and check out Tartessos Arts and hope this post inspires you to search for the little accessories to add some more life to your home! ❤


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