The Dream Home

About 3 weeks ago, someone came to me and brought the idea about what my perfect home would be. It really got me thinking and it didn’t take me long to figure out what it would be like. 

I love the vibe of City Life but for some reason I’ve always saw myself living in British Colombia…Vancouver Specifically. I have never even been there but there is something about the place to me that just seems amazing. The mountains, The greenery, rivers, stunning scenery and a great atmosphere. 

I have been talking about the idea of creating this space inworld ever since and 2 days ago I finally did it! Rico was very doubtful about it but luckily, now he has seen the finished product, he is over the moon 😀

The vibe for the place is to feel like the house is in a Valley over looking a rushing river, surrounded by wildlife, forest and calm. The house is actually 2 houses I thought would look good together, both are from Scarlet Creative. The house has a Californian style to it but I couldn’t be more happy with the finished product. Just waiting for Rico to start putting his wildlife down now 😀 

From outdoor dining areas in the Mountain Forest to relaxation in a calm and peaceful environment, I present to you my dream home ❤



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