Love To Decorate InWorld Group Now Open!

A few months ago Myself and Rico created a Flickr Group for ANYONE who loves Decorating to post their photos, inspirations, creations, landscapes and so much more for the Home & Garden lovers in Second Life to see. 

I have been debating starting an inworld group and it’s taken me a little while to finally get it going, but now I’m happy to say it is! Designers are joining the group and although it is currently very small, we believe the more people know about it, the more will join over time. I’m not going to force invites onto people, but if anyone does want to join let me know and I will get you added.


The group is Open Enrolment, so anyone can join. If you request notice perms because you are a Home & Garden Blogger, Content Creator etc, just send me a message and I will get those set to you ASAP. 

The aim of this group inworld is to create a community of folks who love to decorate. It will be great to share creativity and to inspire others with whatever you do, or just give people an insight into your lifestyle inworld. 

So please, if you think you would enjoy and benefit from joining this group, do so! 🙂


Love To Decorate on Flickr

Love To Decorate Community on Facebook


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