It Doesn’t Have To Be Winter In Your SL!

For about a month, we had our some snowed over for Winter but we quickly got bored of it. It’s great to see it on other sims during the season but for our home, it’s just not for us really. So we reverted back to a Summer type sim and are loving it!

This post is about an outdoor seating area to hang out with friends, chill out, update your blog from while your avi is in world and much more. It is also so not right for this season, but I really don’t care..this is Second Life and the beauty of it is, it can be whatever we want it to be 🙂

The main feature on this deck is the great Abiss Sofa and table. It’s one of the few items I have used more than once in a house, because usually I delete them. I love it! Accessorized by making some simple pillows and throw, an array of candlelight from DUTCHIE and POST, which really brings the space alive when messing with your wind lights. Plus the addition of some orchids, a fire pit also from DUTCHIE & my fav BBQ from ARTILLERI.

Hope you like it and get inspired to create your own outdoor space if you don’t have one already! Trust me, they are worth it. ❤


One thought on “It Doesn’t Have To Be Winter In Your SL!

  1. Wow, i am in love with this set. I wish i was able to make my sim look that great. I seriously need ideas. I wish i could visit this place.

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