Setting By The River

A few months ago we bought a great dock from The Domineaux Effect, who created great mesh items for the Home & Garden. Yesterday, Rico placed down an item on the dock and I was suddenly inspired to get creative, do some modifying and make it a little more unique. 

I love hang out spaces where a group of friends can sit around, have a chat with a few drinks and admire a stunning view. That was the inspiration for this spot on the river and I think it turned out really cool! 

Basically, I started by making these benches from Cheeky Pea & Pilot fit all around the middle section, which I closed off by copying a section of the floor and making walls. This created a cozy little area with a nice view out onto the river. The Dock comes with a light fixture which enables you to not only turn the lights on and off, but change the colour tint too. I changed it to an Orange colour for this area and it really gives off a great effect when on midnight, sunset etc. 

A few more accessories from Melino Style, Dutchie, Apple Fall and some Ivy Textures I found on the marketplace and the little set up is complete! Such a cool low prim way to make a dock unique and give it an extra special touch 🙂

Hope you like it! 


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