Livin On The Edge…

Living on the edge of a mountain gives us a stunning setting and view, therefore outdoor space and decor is important. What is the point of having a great landscape and having nothing outdoors to enjoy it to the fullest? 

lisp set_003

When I designed the layout of how this landscape and house would be, I wanted lot’s of little seating areas, each with their own personality and view of the land. I do not usually blog single items from a store but today Myself and Rico went over to COLLABOR88 to see what’s new in the January releases. LISP BAZAR, one of the best stores around for Home & Garden furniture, released this great outdoor set. I love fire pits so this caught my eye straight away. Awesome quality, low prim, copyable and will look awesome on your patio! 

lisp set_004

lisp set_002

CHEEKY PEA also released a new set for January. I loved the whole thing but particularly the candles. I love candles and if anyone came to our house you would see that. They are everywhere, literally. I think these green glass ones are a great addition to the outdoor set. 

lisp set_006

lisp set_007

An amazing view of the mountains, forest and river…what more could you want? Maybe a cup of cocoa, but that’s about it! It’s all about the view and showing off the view as good as possible 😀

PS. Sorry, but at the moment I’m in a phase of loving outdoor stuff 😀


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