Welcome To Pinewood

art opening_001

For the next few weeks, we invite you to Pinewood to explore, relax, hang out and check out amazing works from our first two featured artists, Sadbab Shan of L’Atelier Jewelry, and Anita Claven.

Both are exhibiting pieces of their collection for you to enjoy and some are for sale with 100% of the purchase going to the creator. 

The aim of Pinewood is to not only create a home, but for it to be a place for everyone to come and enjoy. Whether you have a romantic stroll in the grounds, take photos, admire the art or simply just come and explore. We hope you enjoy your visit with us.

The upper floor over the coming weeks shall be turned into a public art gallery featuring work from great talents from across the grid. 

We are excited to share this project with you and hope that you can stop by sometime.

Thank You ❤



3 thoughts on “Welcome To Pinewood

  1. Absolutely lovely Edi !!! — Exquisite pix of the even more exquisite home that you have lovingly created. You have given me many idea’s and a whole LOT of inspiration. Thank you for sharing ~ Hethwen

  2. i really enjoyed walking through your transformative mansion. Can you tell me where you got some of your beautiful textures?

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