Fine Dining Is It’s Own Art Form

Fine dining is something I really love. The small little portions of food you get on your plate, the wine, the atmosphere…I find just so relaxing. And you don’t always need to go to a restaurant to have a great dinner experience. 

I am quite lucky really because my grandma is a food blogger and an amazing cook. I remember when I was a kid, I would act as her sous-chef no matter what we were cooking. I picked up some great tips on cooking and the different foods from around the world and no matter what day of the week it was, she would always make it special. 

I would always take the roll of laying the table. Great silvery cutlery, some lit candles, a few accessories and some flowers and it really looked fit for a queen. All that just for some spaghetti! That was fine dining for me and i’ll always have fond memories of it, even though we still do the exact same thing today when I visit!

This set was created with accessories from a bunch of different places. Kaya Angel created these amazing long dining tables which are a perfect canvas to create your dining display. I added things from PATRON, ARCTIC GREENHOUSE, THE LOFT, URBANIZD and a few others! 

Feel free to ask any questions or you can visit and see the display yourself at Pinewood via the SLurl below.

Bon Appétit 


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