Red Will Always Be A Sexy Colour

The colour Red just gives off this image of sexiness and it always will. To be honest, when coming up with a theme for this office I had no other inspiration but the colour red. That was all I needed because it gives off so many options and ideas. 

An office is a place of work and I’m kind of a geek and when I am doing ”work” in Second Life, I always park my avatar in the study. I guess it’s all part of the Virtual Roleplay experience for me. This space needs to be sexy and a bit different, not like the many boring offices you see most of the time. 

While keeping it sexy, Class, Elegance and the feeling of comfort in this space is important. Nice candle lights, a few plants and some interesting features make this so. 

The two Red Sofas from Meshworx are perfect for this space. They are not only the right colour, but the size and comfort from them is what was needed in here to make it no so formal. I hate formal. 

Other accessories in this room are from Kaya Angel, who built the home and has an amazing array of classic furnitures, PATRON, LISP BAZAAR, DUTCHIE, HANDVERK, MUDHONEY and POST. 

Feel free to come and see this room at Pinewood and check out each piece and maybe get some inspiration for a space of your own!


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