Classic & Cosy

I have quite a collection of Decorating books covering a wide range of styles and eras and one of the things I love the most is the classic, clean and simple look of a living room. 

The furnitures are placed around the room in a formal way, yet it still looks cosy and relaxing. That is what I tried to pull of when doing this room. It was important not to put too much stuff down and let the furniture tell the story. 

The colours of White, Golds and Browns really give this space a rich and inviting feel. I love that. I feel lighting is key in a room like this because it should look good on all wind lights to give it that extra bit of charm and realistic edge. With the addition of a hydrangea which adds a splash of yellow and the fun Boat from Apple Fall, I think it is a great location to hang out and feel relaxed.

The main pieces of furniture here are from MudHoney, one of my favourite stores. I love her work because the furniture can be quite simple, but it’s the textures and colours which bring it alive. The coffee table is from Kaya Angel and it brings a classic and kind of Regal twist to the room. The little accessories around the place are from Tatty Soup, Apple Fall, Arctic Greenhouse, Bazar and a couple of other stores. 


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