Seems We Have Re-Opened Pinewood Thanks To LL!


Well, last night I got a bit of a surprise from some friends on Facebook who notified me that Pinewood was advertised by Second Life on their Facebook page and listed in the Destination Guide! I submitted it as soon as we opened and totally forgot about it until I saw it last night! What a great surprise!

We did close the house just 2 days ago but we have re-opened it back up now again until the 3rd of Feb for anyone who wants to come. It has had a complete interior make over since it closed, so expect it to look brand new! 

Pinewood has a bunch of different purposes. I tend to get a lot of messages from people asking if they can come and see something I’ve blogged in person and personally, I love that because I think it’s a lot better and way more interesting than just reading it on a blog. So it is open if anyone wants to come here, get ideas for their home or check out the furniture! Added to that we have great art on display from some great artists here in SL with some of it for sale!

We want folks to enjoy it. Use the gardens and landscape to take photos, romantic strolls or just simple explore. We do have nice plans for it in the near future and we will do our best to get that set up ASAP, but for now, we hope you can enjoy our little bit of paradise! 

There is always a fine cup of Tea on offer on the big table when you walk in, so feel free to make yourself at home 🙂

Thank you so much to Linden Lab for the support and anyone who has visited! ❤


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