Colourful and Glam!

I was inspired today by recent projects and design ideas to come up with something at home that is Stylish, Glam, with a splash of colour and wow factor. My attention turned to the dining room. 

new dining_001

new dining_006

The majority of items i used here, I have used previously in projects. The aim of this space was to get a ‘wow’ reaction when someone walks in. It is unexpected and has the perfect vibe for dining and entertaining friends whether it be casual or an all out party! 

new dining_002

new dining_003

Black And White Fashion Art and patterns grace the Bronze Walls to bring a classy edge. Green and Gold casual and comfortable seating is placed around a simple lacquered table to give it an intimate feel. Curtains are placed around the outside of the space to give you a sense of bringing the outdoors, indoors. 

new dining_004

new dining_005

The kind of image I get in this room is Outdoor Miami living. The colours of the nightclubs with that casual and laid back feel. 

I hope you like it! 🙂


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