Full Estate Re-Model

At the end of every big project, I like to post everything in one so it’s easier to see the project unfold and what the differences are from the before and after.

This house was something Me and Rico saw at Kaya Angels Skypad and it was immediately seen as a project right away. The inside of the house was covered with gaudy old textures which were nice, but I didn’t intend to keep for long. I think I am very lucky with Rico because I don’t know many other people who would let me just do what I do to our homes, never mind keep changing it every few months. But he let’s me and trusts me.

Below are pictures of each room before and after with a little write up on each!


pinewood before_001

pinewood 2013 entry_001


The entry way of the house is clean, light, modern and cosy which paints the picture of what the rest of the place is going to be.


pinewood before_002


red office room_001


red office room_005


Just off to the right when you walk into the house is the study. This roomed seemed popular with visitors when we opened the place up. The wow factor of the Red in this room I think not only makes it stylish, but super sexy!


pinewood before_003




The central part of the house is generally just a place to sit, read a book. Nothing too much here, but still giving it a clean and fresh look. Nice neutral textures and floor.


blue room before_001







A room such as this should so not be put into a home of this style and period, that’s why I did it. It is totally unexpected and I think at least one room in a home should be wild and fun, not so formal all the time. This room totally makes me want to party right now and we shall certainly put it to good use!!


pinewood before_006




The living room is a wash with whites, golds and brown tones. It’s open, no clutter and very clean. I love the night in this space and it has a classic look to it but brought into 2013. 


pinewood before_005





This space has a more formal dining Big dinner parties and entertaining would happen here rather than in the more casual and wacky dining room. The space is laid back, relaxed, again lots of whites and browns. 


pinewood before_004








The lounge is very modern, casual and cosy. Again with a similar colour tone as the majority of the house, this space is perfect for friends and family to gather, chat or watch a movie on the wall mounted screen. It has a nice light and I think the lower level seating gives the room as special touch.








The house also has a very nice sunroom at the back where you can hear the birdsong coming from the gardens. I love this space and I know Rico does too. Lets in great light and really has a nice relaxing vibe to it.








The exterior of Pinewood is full of pathways, wildlife and sounds of nature. It really is awesome to go and sit out there or walk. Rico is very much a garden person so this is his sanctuary. 

And that’s about it. The transformation is complete….for now! Hope you enjoy it and get some ideas maybe or inspiration to do something similar to for your own place. I think a lot of people buy a house and leave it as it is, which I admit I used to. Experiment with textures, it really isn’t as scary as it seems. Plus it will make your home more unique with the end results.

If you have any questions about anything feel free to comment or contact me inworld or Facebook 🙂


2 thoughts on “Full Estate Re-Model

  1. this project and amazing, you have great talent parabens, do not know if it is possible to meet the more I like this place

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