Let’s Have A Pool Party!

No Mediterranean Villa is complete without a pool! Added this one in tonight and in lurve. So relaxing and in a perfect setting too! Kept saying to my hubby when we first set this place up that It needed a pool, finally gave in to that temptation! 😀

Found a nice natural wood furniture set from JoHaDeZ to create a relaxing poolside seating area and an awesome diving board on marketplace which doesn’t just have style, it goes perfectly well!! 








5 thoughts on “Let’s Have A Pool Party!

    • Ty Neva ❤ Yeah it's aweosme! I don't even know where I got it from, after I built it I searched my inventory to see if I had any water and I found it! It was created by an avatar called ''Research Projects''. Already told you this inworld when you messaged me, but it's here in case anyone else wants to know. I'd also like to know what it's from lol! xx

  1. @Edi: That water is amazing!! Sadly, Research Project is an avi that made most of the Megaprims back when we couldn’t have big prims so that creator must have used them for it.

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