Life In Black & White – A Burst Of Inspiration

I got hit with a sudden burst of Inspiration last night which ran through to this morning to do a room in total Black and White with a few accents of Golds/Browns. So I did. The only room in our home that was screaming out to me was the red office…now total Black & White!

black and white_002

black and white_001

So happy with the results here, I think it is chic, sexy, unique and totally stylish. I re-textured a lot of the chairs in this room to fit with the style and colour scheme but left a lot of the items that were part of the red room. 

black and white_003

black and white_006

If you have any questions about anything do not hesitate to comment or contact me inworld or Facebook ❤







9 thoughts on “Life In Black & White – A Burst Of Inspiration

    • Thanks! The coffee table is from PATRON and the Desk I kind of made. It is a side table but I put two together, modified the size a bit to make a big desk. I also crated a zebra print pattern to go over the top of it too to make it a slight more interesting…but the table is from ONE GRID. Got a lot of stuff from there to re-do this space 🙂 Great store and all copy mod too 🙂

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