The Tea Garden

I’m British, I like tea and I like to drink it in nice surroundings. There has always been a stereotypical look of England that everyone drinks tea at a certain time and blah blah, but we don’t, however there are various luxury hotels that do offer tea services and they are the BEST! 

outdoor living_003

tea garden_003

It’s all about the surroundings for me. Whether it is a nice hotel dining room with little petit fours and nice china, or a quiet setting at the bottom of the garden, it just makes the experience better. For those that don’t even like Tea this may sound sad, but it’s just something I’ve always loved 🙂

tea garden_001

tea garden_004

The other day, Eliza Wierwight of PATRON contacted me about a new Dock Set she has created which basically allows people to build their own dock, using equipment that is in the box. I took it out yesterday and had a play with it and thought it would be nice to create a little tea garden over looking the water. The set comes with some great pond life which makes the setting extra special! 

tea garden_002

I wanted to keep the colours bright and vibrant, use of Greens and Purple was key to this space. Brings it alive!


8 thoughts on “The Tea Garden

  1. I’m a new follower to your blog, I spent a good few hours reading over the archives over the weekend and I just want to say how beautiful your pictures are, and how skilled you and your partner are at decorating! Please keep up the beautiful work work, Ed (Is it OK to call you Ed?)

  2. and im british too and also like a good cup of tea but it has to be lady grey for me or atleast earl grey :)) but i agree nothing better than sitting with the bone china and having a proper cup of tea we really dont do it enough:))

  3. I genuinely like how you have used some of the PATRON Docks Environmental Artefacts Kit components Edi. It’s an evocative and beautiful environment you’ve created there and very much you.

    Hope you don’t mind that I clarify that the Kit actually comes with an completely finished & built dock (in left and right orientations) as well all extra components, some of which you’ve both used as well as kindly mentioned. It’s wonderful in general to see customers readily stretch their design cravings to put their own unique stamp on their spaces. If I’ve put a texture portfolio together then it’s a strong set from the get go, understanding how vital that foundation is and having addressed it myself directly, no one can fail.

    This idea evolved because I genuinely understand that some customers often prefer content that has modification rights and my wavering conflict over retaining some control of purity of design over my own work. Felt the happy medium was to provide degrees of both. The recent PATRON Secret Garden Kit release was the first of these style Kits and was met with much enthusiasm, so it made me really sit back and think how I could value add more for my wonderful customers. To date the feedback has been amazing, so I must be getting it right. Customers are genuinely enjoying taking on these Kits as little projects. Unusual for a day to go by without someone IMing me to rant about the spaces they are creating or dropping me Inworld captures taken with great pride.

    It’s also important to me that people don’t buy a build and feel underwhelmed when they see it on their own land. As you well already know Edi it takes far more than just rezzing a build to make a genuinely remarkable scene or immersive environment. Which speaks to why I went the extra mile to create the plants, dock & cricket sounds emitters, water particle emitters, dragonfly emitters, variations of linked and unlinked build components etc etc. In fact anything that came to mind that would ensure the pleasurable outcome I’m hoping for people. Also trying to include a few notes with each release, tricks of the trade so to speak. A little magic and serious value for people’s hard earned cash.

    Thanks for blogging this Edi, it was an unexpected outcome when I passed you the Kit. I simply thought you’d enjoy it considering your overt passion for design. Keep up the amazing work.

    Eliza Wierwight

  4. I am not British!! Lol just have a strong British heritage and familial ties and definitely love tea…. Especially High Tea at the Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town. Great creations by Eliza of PATRON. Exceptionally well done all round.

    Lacy M

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