Palm Springs In The Bedroom

Spring has just arrived and it is time for the colors to begin to burst! This bedroom was designed to be bright, welcoming, cosy and practical. Bedrooms shouldn’t just be an area where you have sex or sleep, they are your most private and personal spaces in an entire home. 

Bedroom Luxe

This room is very large, so I was finding it a bit challenging to create this room because of the sheer size and the amount of prims left on the land. The decision was, to basically divide this one huge space into two separate areas. An entrance within the entrance you might say. 

bedroom luxe gallery_001

bedroom luxe gallery_003

The rest of the house is full of columns and arches, so it bringing that into this room seemed the most logical and best solution. I think the result is great from such a simple touch and when you walk through the main doors into this room, looking through the open archway towards the bed really gives it some grandeur. 

bedroom luxe gallery_002

In this room items are used from BAZAR, LEEZU HOME, MESHWORX, TATTY SOUP and TARTESSOS ARTS. If you have any questions about anything in particular please comment on this post or you can contact me inworld 🙂


2 thoughts on “Palm Springs In The Bedroom

  1. Love your use of colour 🙂 I’m really curious as to where you start. Often, I begin a room with a rug or a piece of artwork and build everything around that. Where do you begin?

    • Well in this room it was the bed, but a lot of the time I find myself already having a design for the room in mind before I start, so it makes it a bit easier to know what to use, where to get the perfect items from etc 🙂 But in this room, it was the bed, i loved the color of the bed so that inspired me to create the rest of the room 🙂

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