Poolside Living.

Being from the UK, basking in the sunshine is not something we get to do all too often here. I think most people would dream of having good enough weather to have their own swimming pool in their garden. 

pool seating_001

I love swimming, but only in outdoor pools. I don’t really like indoor pools because it’s just not as good. One thing I really have always hated are ”Indoor Outdoor Pools”, which you see a lot in Florida and are basically Swimming Pools with a glass roof and surrounding so it looks like it is outside. 

pool seating_002

I picture myself eventually waking up in the mornings, going straight outdoors into the garden, listening to the birds’ morning song and doing a morning swim. The great thing about Second Life, is that we can make those dreams into some sort of reality and I love that. 

Items in this post are from Urbaniz’d, Melino Style and Lisp Bazar. Comfortable, Stylish and relaxing. Really gives off the image and feeling of luxury ❤


5 thoughts on “Poolside Living.

  1. I love your blog, the best in getting ideas your so creative with your style. I do wonder where the lounge is from? can not wait to read all of the past articles 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the kind compliment! Really glad you enjoy the blog 🙂

      The Lounger is from a store called URBANIZ’D, but I am not 100% sure you can buy it anymore, as the store closed a little while ago 😦

  2. yes Urbaniz’d did close, I just spoke with him and asked…. But he did say someday to be back 🙂 I will keep watching your blog as I love to decorate …and your FAB!!!

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