The Petite Details

I logged in this morning to an invite to see a new collection pre-release from a designer in world. I always love checking out furnitures of course so I teleported over there to check it out!


My attention really went to the smaller items. The vases and dishes…things like that. I love the small touches such as these because I feel they give you many options on how to use them in your home, in both lives really. 

I bought a few items, this pitcher and dish in particular, which I put to use on our patio table and placed some Hydrangea flowers from Arctic Greenhouse inside. It makes a really cute vase and a nice little detailed touch 🙂 


I personally find it nice to get things like this and make a better use for them at home rather than just placing them down and leaving them as they are. As the blog post title says, The Petite Details…It doesn’t just display them better, I feel it makes it a little more of a home. That’s my opinion anyway ❤

The Wooden Vase is from Meshworx & The Pitcher and Dish is currently not released, but from Kaerri


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