Clean, Simple & Practical.

I noticed yesterday that I’ve been writing a lot on spaces really to do with the outdoors. Swimming Pool, The Balcony, Sunroom, Tea Garden and I’m afraid this one is too. One of the beauties of Second Life is that even thought it may be Winter for some of us in the real world, In SL it can be summer all year round, so I believe we should take advantage of that sometimes!

outdoor relax

I was browsing through my inventory and came across some items from a store named ESTATICA. Amongst them all was a stone bench for the garden, which immediately gave me some ideas. I wanted to create an outdoor social/dining space over looking the garden where you can sit and enjoy the surroundings. 



Luckily, the bench was modify and that was perfect for what I wanted to do really. Basically, I used 3 of the benches, all one prim, to create a stone table and seat setting. I think stone benches or any stone feature in a garden really adds some class and elegance to it, must be the English in me. It is decorated from a little find I blogged a couple of days ago filled with some Lilacs to give it some colour. The Lilacs are 3 prim and from Arctic Greenhouse which is one of my fav stores for flowers. Simply unlink them and place into the new vase 🙂


Very Clean, Very simple and very practical. It’s a great spot in the garden to sit around with friends, entertain, or simple sit by yourself with your laptop and some coffee doing some work and listen to natures sounds. So nothing too fancy, but I don’t think it needs to be. ❤


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