Not My Usual Post, But Still On Homes!

I got talking to a friend inworld this evening and It really got me thinking on something I’ve had in the back of my mind for a little while, and that is that I wish Linden Lab someday would give the same attention to the Home & Garden aspect in Second Life as they have with the Fashion side of things. 

Making your home in Second Life is one of, if not the best thing about this virtual world in my opinion. The options, the creativity, to be able to bring that dream to some sort of reality and live it is an amazing thing. It is personal, it is YOUR piece of paradise and stamp on this grid no matter how big or small it is.

Second Life has amazing draws and creating your dream home is one of the greatest, I just wish they would promote this more. I have nothing against Fashion at all, in fact, I love it, there is just more to Second Life than it, that is all. 

A few months ago Me and Rico created a Flickr Group called Love To Decorate and there you find so many amazing, talented and inspirational Home Photos, Landscapes, Creators that really make you say wow. Neva Crystall, Annan Adored, Apple Fall, Harlow Heslop, J.L Keet and so many many more, not forgetting the amazing creators who help us bring those dreams to life! 

I hope one day Linden Lab will show some interest in this side of Second Life and the beauty of it. The picture at the top of the marketplace of the living room has been the same for I don’t know how many years, yet the Fashion Ones on Facebook and the website keep on changing. There are other sides to SL you know, quite stunning ones too 🙂

That’s all I wanted to say while it was on my mind 🙂 


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